If the person has indeed been diagnosed or confirmed as having cancer, we at Pathology Consultancy Services take care not be blunt. We approach the subject gently and reveal the fact using careful wording so that patient does not go into acute depression or collapse due to shock. We suggest to the patient that he/ she should show our report to his/ her referring doctor who will interpret out report and tell you our findings.
This question is difficult to answer since different tumours have different prognosis or outcome. At Pathology Consultancy Services, we handle such delicate questions deftly and reassure the patients that there are good treatment options available these days. We advise patients to discuss the outcome of tumor with their oncology consultants in details.
Since pathologist is the first consultant who reveals the cancer diagnosis to the patient, patient is very anxious and wants answers for many questions coming to his/her mind. They want to know the type of treatment to be given, length of the treatment and the cost. These questions though are outside the purview of pathologists, we at Pathology Consultancy Services take a very empathetic approach and gently tell the patient that their oncologist will be right person to give correct answers to their questions.
Once the patient is given the diagnosis of cancer, person goes into shock and immediately starts thinking of death. He/she  wants to know how long they are going to live after the diagnosis as they have many issues to settle in their personal lives. It is very difficult to answer this question, No one can exactly predict how the person is going to respond to the treatment. Every individual has different personality make up, attitude, immunity and will power which have great bearing on the outcome.
We at Pathology Consultancy Services explain to the patient that the diagnosis has been made by International and/or National Pathology experts. Still if you so desire, you can take further opinion from any other Consultant.
How are Digital Slides Produced?

This is the frequently asked question by patients and doctors.

The glass slides with tissue sections are scanned in the automatic robotically controlled microscope called slide scanner. Thousands of pictures are taken from the slide and stitched and blended together by the software to produce a composite picture which reproduces the exact picture of tissue section in glorious details, high resolution and colour saturation.

Second Opinion in Pathology

Pathology Consultancy services is a reputed lab for providing second opinion on cancer and complicated cases. Slides / P. Blocks of FNAC smears or Surgical specimen are received from big hospital and laboratories located in and around Delhi-NCR. Patients are not only provided with accurate detailed reports. But also  are empathetically counselled and guided about the future line of treatment and possible outcome of the disease. Our motto is to relieve anxiety and tension from the lives of patients as far as possible using gentle word and tender care.

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