Web Based Second Opinion (Digital Pathology)

Pathology Consultancy Services is providing facility of Web Based Second Opinion from expert National and International Pathologists using digital whole slide images. This is for the first time in North India that digital pathology is being used in the service of patients and doctors to obtain opinion from top leaders in pathology. Demand for this novel most recent and technologically advanced service is steadily increasing and soon is going to become routine manner of getting second opinion from global experts, as in advanced countries. PCS has a panel of highly renowned pathologists from USA, UK and India, experts in their own specialities. Cases are sent as Digital whole slide images on web server and opinion is obtained thru email. This method brings opinion from global experts at the doorstep of patients and reduces the report time from weeks to days. And what is more. No hassle of couriering the glass slides or risk of breaking or loss of the slides during transit. 

How are Digital Slides Produced?

This is the frequently asked question by patients and doctors.

The glass slides with tissue sections are scanned in the automatic robotically controlled microscope called slide scanner. Thousands of pictures are taken from the slide and stitched and blended together by the software to produce a composite picture which reproduces the exact picture of tissue section in glorious details, high resolution and colour saturation.

Second Opinion in Pathology

Pathology Consultancy services is a reputed lab for providing second opinion on cancer and complicated cases. Slides / P. Blocks of FNAC smears or Surgical specimen are received from big hospital and laboratories located in and around Delhi-NCR. Patients are not only provided with accurate detailed reports. But also  are empathetically counselled and guided about the future line of treatment and possible outcome of the disease. Our motto is to relieve anxiety and tension from the lives of patients as far as possible using gentle word and tender care.

PCS Payment details

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