Our Services

Pathology Consultancy Services offers the following services:

  • Histopathology/ Biopsy reporting:-

 Specimens are received or outsourced from big hospitals and nursing homes, surgical, skin, and gynaecology clinics. Processing  of tissue and slide preparation is done in house in the highly sophiscated lab of PCS. The slides are examined by pathology team of the lab under supervision of founder pathologist Dr. Mithilesh Chandra.


Second Opinion in Histopathology and Cytology:

Second Opinion is provided to the patients who want their primary reports to  be confirmed. If the patients or referring doctors wish to obtain second opinion from our experienced pathologists or world leaders in pathology. They bring their Slides to PCS lab. Opinion of world leaders is obtained using the latest innovative technology of Digital Pathology. We have a panel of renowned pathologists from India and overseas. Their opinion is sought over the web server   reducing the time of anxiety of patients,  their families and referring doctors and giving them the best authenticated report.


Web Based opinion from International and National Experts:

Pathology Consultancy Services is providing facility of Web Based Second Consultation from expert National and International Pathologists using digital whole slide images. This is for the first time in North India that digital pathology is being used in the service of patients and doctors to obtain opinion from top leaders in pathology. Demand for this novel most recent and technologically advanced service is steadily increasing and soon is going to become routine manner of getting second opinion from global experts, as in advanced countries. PCS has a panel of highly renowned pathologists from USA, UK and India, experts in their own specialities. Cases are sent as Digital slides on web server and opinion is obtained on thru email. This method brings opinion from global experts at the doorstep of patients and reduces the report time from weeks to days. And what is more. No hassle of couriering the glass slides or risk of breaking or loss of the slides during transits. 

 Skin Biopsy: Complete work up of skin diseases

PCSPatients who suffer from skin disease and are advised skin biopsy testing receive total solution at PCS. Piece of skin or skin biopsy is taken in the laboratory by the skilled medical personed from the lesion. Skin tissue is processed by the technical staff and report is prepared by the dermatopathologist. Facility of undertaking skin biopsy ensures comprehensive work up as clinipathological correlation which is an extreme important part of diagnosis is carried out. Many doctors including skin specialists refer their patients to PCS lab for getting skin biopsy done and final reporting.

Oral Biopsy:

PCSPathology Consultancy services has strong expertise base in oral pathology not only in diagnosis but also for taking oral biopsy. PCS has collaboration with senior oral surgeon who taken biopsy from oral lesions. Tissue removed it then processed in the lab by technical staff and special stains are done wherever required. Then oral pathologist examines the slides to give expert opinion. This expertise of PCS is recognized by dental surgeons and ENT surgeons of Delhi-NCR who refer their patients for complete work up from biopsy taking to reporting to PCS.

  • PCS Special Investigations:-


PCSImmunohistochemistry is a highly specialized test carried out to determine the nature / type of cancer. Treatment of cancer depends on its type hence it is a very crucial test. PCS laboratory previously known as Tissue Path & Immunohistochemistry Lab was the first pioneering laboratory in North India to start Immunohistochemistry in private sector to help the patients.


PCSAnother highly specilaized investigation Immunofluoresence highly critical for diagnosis of kidney and skin diseases was started in North India for the first time in as early as 1994 by PCS/ Tissue path and Immunocytochemistry lab. These highly technically advanced investigations are USP of our laboratory. For diagnosis of bullous disease of skin, immunofluoresence is supplemented with ELISA tests for antibodies of Pemphigus Vulagaris and Bullous Pemphigoid.

  • Cytopathology Reporting:-

a) Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology:- 

Pathology consultancy services is reputed for its FNAC report and patients come from far off places to get FNAC done.  FNAC test is a combination of art and science or the right technique and intelligent interpretation.
Patient is made to lie down comfortably. Procedure is explained and patient’s fears are allayed. Then using a very fine needle, aspiration is carried out. After taking precautions and making sure that there is no oozing from the needle puncture site, patient is asked to wait in comfortable pleasant environment for 10 minutes till the skilled technical team does the preliminary procedures to find out adequacy of material aspirated. Patient is called next day to collect the report. At the time of handing over the report, patient is counselled by the doctors about the results and treatment to be pursued. Most of the times, patients leave the lab with smiles on that faces.  

b) Pap smear:-

Pap smear is a screening procedure for detection of premalignant and malignant lesions of uterine cervix. Pap smear can be done using conventional method or liquid based cytology.

a. Conventional Pap Smear: Scrapings from the uterine cervix are transferred on the glass slides which are then dipped in appropriate fixative solution and received in our laboratory. These smears are then treated with series of stains of different colours. Prepared slides are then examined by team of pathologists at PCS and report is handed over to the patient or delivered at referring doctor’s clinic next day.

b. Liquid Based Gynae Cytology (LBC): Liquid based gynae cytology is a new technique with many advantages over conventional pap smear.  PCS was the first laboratory  in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi-NCR to adopt this refined novel technology. In liquid based gynae cytology, material scarped from the uterine cervix with the help of cytobrush is put in a special solution and transported is our laboratory. Material is then processed through highly complicated procedures and smears are prepared for study by pathologists.

Advantages of LBC over conventional pap smear are many:

a. Better cellular Material

b. Less time taken for study

c. Less chances of missing abnormal cells

d. Accuracy of the reports is enhanced

e. HPV-DNA testing can be done on the same sample

f. More advanced tests like Immunohistochemistry can be carried out on the same sample. 

c) Effusions: Fluid collections in chest cavity and abdominal cavity are called effusions and their examination is carried to determine cause of fluid collection. Fluid received in the laboratory undergoes many tests and finally slides prepared from the fluid are examined by the pathologists. Correct diagnosis of infection or tuberculosis or cancer is extremely important for management of cases.

d) Lavage Fluids: While in effusions, fluid collects on its own, in lavage, fluid is inserted in tubular structures of the body like bronchial free of the lung and gastrointestinal tract. Then fluid is sucked back and collected for examination. Like effusion, many complicated tests along with cytology are carried out to find out the underlying disease.

e) Scrapings: Unlike effusions, in scraping the mucosal surface of mouth or tumour surfaces are scraped using blunt spatula and scarped cells are transferred on the slides. This test is carried to find out the cause of ulcer or white patch generally in the oral cavity. Scrapping examination and reporting all are done under one roof. Many times, special staining is also carried to detect causative organisms like bacteria, fungus and others.

f) TB PCR for Diagnosis of Tuberculosis: Tuberculosis is remnant in our country and ironically no single test is available to make the diagnosis. Many tests being done currently give erroneous result. PCR is one test which is reliable and is carried out on tissues and fluids and is done in our laboratory.

g) Facility of Home Pick up the Samples and Delivery of Reports: Since many specialized investigations are carried out in PCS, patients have the options of utilizing home pick up facility provided by the PCS. Due to availability of this facility, many patients particularly aged, weak, sick or bedridden  patients do not have to travel to the lab to give the sample or collect the report. Reports are sent by email or through courier boys.


Quality of Our Services

Pathology consultancy services takes pride in providing the international quality of services.

  • High quality of reports
  • Procedure of excision / incision biopsy from oral lesion or skin lesion 
  • Complete work up of cases using all ancillary investigations required.
  • Prompt delivery of reports.
  • Short turn around time of reports.
  • Efficient Communication with referring doctors.
  • Facility of providing reports by e-mail to the patients and clinicians.
  • Facility of Home Pick up & delivery of reports.
  • Opinion obtained from international pathology experts within 1-2 days using web based technology of Digital Pathology.

Laboratory Accreditation:

under process

How are Digital Slides Produced?

This is the frequently asked question by patients and doctors.

The glass slides with tissue sections are scanned in the automatic robotically controlled microscope called slide scanner. Thousands of pictures are taken from the slide and stitched and blended together by the software to produce a composite picture which reproduces the exact picture of tissue section in glorious details, high resolution and colour saturation.

Second Opinion in Pathology

Pathology Consultancy services is a reputed lab for providing second opinion on cancer and complicated cases. Slides / P. Blocks of FNAC smears or Surgical specimen are received from big hospital and laboratories located in and around Delhi-NCR. Patients are not only provided with accurate detailed reports. But also  are empathetically counselled and guided about the future line of treatment and possible outcome of the disease. Our motto is to relieve anxiety and tension from the lives of patients as far as possible using gentle word and tender care.

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