Pathology Consultancy Services

Pathology Consultancy Services is a laboratory with a difference. It is offering specialized services to the patients using cutting edge technologies. That includes Oncopathology, Surgical pathology, Cytopathology including Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology, Conventional Pap Smear, Liquid Based Cervical Cytology, HPV- DNA Testing, Immunohistochemistry ( Whole range of monoclonal antibodies), Immunoflurescence for skin and kidney diseases and special investigations for bullous disorders of skin including determination of pemphigus and bullous pemphigoid antibodies using IIF and Elisa Desmoglein and BP180).

Our Services

Pathology consultancy services takes pride in providing the international quality of services. Our laboratory is NABL (ISO 15189: 2012) accredited as a symbol of commitment for maintaining international standards of lab operations and reporting. Services provided by the laboratory are listed in the following paragraphs.


Pathology Consultancy Services (PCS) chiefly provides services of histopathology and oncopathology. Surgical specimens are received for reporting from hospitals, nursing homes, surgical clinics and skin clinics from Delhi NCR region as well as far off cities of Uttar Pradesh and other states. Specimens received in the laboratory are examined by experienced pathologists and all abnormalities are noted in detail. Reports are ready within 36-72 hours of receiving the samples and are delivered either through by hand or email or courier. Reports of PCS are highly valued by the surgeons and clinicians for their accuracy.

Pathology Consultancy Services

Web Based Second Opinion (Digital Pathology)

Pathology Consultancy Services is providing facility of Web Based Second Opinion from expert National and International Pathologists using digital whole slide images. This is for the first time in North India that digital pathology is being used in the service of patients and doctors to obtain opinion from top leaders in pathology. Demand for this novel most recent and technologically advanced ... read more+

Pathology Consultancy Services

Immunofluorescence (IIF)

Pathology Consultancy Services (Formerly known as  Tissue Path & Immunohistochemistry lab) has been carrying out immunofluoresce studies since 1994 and takes pride to initiate this facility for dermatopathology and renal pathology for the first time in Delhi-NCR and North India two decades back. For vesiculobullous skin lesions, additional facility of indirect immunoflourescence and determination of circulating pemphigus desmoglein antibodies and BP antibodies for bullous pemphigoid using Elisa, is also provided.

Pathology Consultancy Services

Non-Aspiration Cytology

Large number of gynae and non-gynae samples are received by Pathology Consultancy Services for cytological diagnosis. Gynae cytology is carried out on conventional Pap Smear as well as liquid based cytology. PCS was the first lab in Noida to provide the facility of liquid based cytology. Non-gynae cytology samples include effusion fluids and lavage fluids. To supplement the gynae cytology, HPV – DNA testing is carried out using highly sensitive and specific Hybrid capture technology.

Pathology Consultancy Services

Immunohistochemistry (IHC)

Pathology Consultancy Services (formerly known as Tissue Path & Immunohistochemistry Lab) is carrying out these investigations since the inception of the lab in 1994. PCS was the first lab in Delhi-NCR and North India to provide the facility of IHC in the private sector. Large numbers of IHC tests are being done in the laboratory.

Pathology Consultancy Services

Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC)

Pathology Consultancy Services is renowned for fine needle aspiration a test which is combination of science and right technique. Patients from as far as 150 km distance came to get FNAC.  FNAC is a simple, painless, outpatient procedure and accurate results help in avoiding surgical biopsy which is traumatic, expensive and not required in many cases.

How are Digital Slides Produced?

This is the frequently asked question by patients and doctors.

The glass slides with tissue sections are scanned in the automatic robotically controlled microscope called slide scanner. Thousands of pictures are taken from the slide and stitched and blended together by the software to produce a composite picture which reproduces the exact picture of tissue section in glorious details, high resolution and colour saturation.

Second Opinion in Pathology

Pathology Consultancy services is a reputed lab for providing second opinion on cancer and complicated cases. Slides / P. Blocks of FNAC smears or Surgical specimen are received from big hospital and laboratories located in and around Delhi-NCR. Patients are not only provided with accurate detailed reports. But also  are empathetically counselled and guided about the future line of treatment and possible outcome of the disease. Our motto is to relieve anxiety and tension from the lives of patients as far as possible using gentle word and tender care.

PCS Payment details

Pathology Consultancy Services
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